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Quanto Tempo Tem Um Dia
(How Long is a Day)

Susana Moreira Marques writes about her house, her body, her gestures, her routines, her conversations with her daughter, her nights with her baby, or her photographs as a newborn and the photographs she is collecting of her children, rendering her domestic life into a larger universe and illustrating the way motherhood changes our perception of time itself.

Looking for guidance in the minutiae of love, asking herself and others questions, she looks for beauty and meaning in the every day experience of a common mother.

Published by Fundação Francisco Manuel dos Santos 

Buy it in Portuguese here

Read an excerpt in English in Literary Hub here

Now and at the Hour of Our Death

Accompanying a palliative care team, Moreira Marques travelled to Trás-os-Montes, a forgotten corner of northern Portugal, a rural area abandoned by the young. Crossing great distances where eagles circle over the roads, she visits villages where rural ways of life are disappearing. She listens to families facing death and gives us their stories in their words as well as through her own meditations.

Brilliantly blending the immediacy of oral history with the sensibility of philosophical reportage, Moreira Marques’ book speaks about death in a fresh way.

Now and at the Hour of Our Death is available in the UK and the US from And Other Stories. For more info and to read an excerpt click here.

The Spanish edition is sold by Libros del K.O.

The French translation is published by Éditions Do

Now and at the Hour of Our Death was originally published in Portuguese by Tinta-da-China. Details about the Portuguese edition here. 

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